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In looking to increase the effectiveness and alignment of the cooperative program of the network, this UCENet Operational Plan will ensure the UCENet activities are focused on a select few priorities in 2016–2018, organized under 4 pillars, namely:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Enforcement;
  3. Communications; and
  4. Training

Identifying the UCENet’s priorities is only a first step. Each priority project or activity defined herein will help guide the development of more detailed work plans where needed and their implementation by the working groups/committees.

1. Intelligence

To collect, analyse and disseminate relevant intelligence or information for the purposes of improving our coordination and compliance/enforcement activities. To act promptly in identifying risks and opportunities and collaborate in addressing common challenges and issues.

2. Enforcement

To maximise our collective powers and reach to protect citizens, particularly those most vulnerable. To respond to the intelligence and evidence collected in order to detect, disrupt and dissuade criminal and civil breaches of the law and to take appropriate action.

3. Communications

To promote and provide a reliable, safe and efficient method of sharing information and intelligence amongst the UCENet members and with partners, including through the UCENet MOU, to enable delivery of the operational plan. To publicise and promote our compliance and enforcement activities. To promote the advantages of UCENet membership and ensure an understanding of the differing environment of each jurisdiction with the aim of strengthening cooperation and coordination.

4. Training

To provide meaningful training for investigators and practitioners at the annual meeting. To explore the desire or need for a consistent training program amongst the UCENet members

These pillars and their working groups will also serve to provide focus and enhance accountability, improve transparency by enabling reporting on the UCENet’s activities, and set clear performance goals.

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